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August 23, 2017

From Fiber to Thread at Landis Valley’s Annual Wool Frolic

LANCASTER, PA—Some fibers in textiles are easy to see:  the soft halo around an angora sweater or the fuzz of a felted peacoat, for example.  Others, such as the linen in a flowy dress, the 400 threads per inch in cotton sheets, or the shiny silk of a kimono, are more difficult to see.  All have one thing in common—they are all tiny spun strands.

The processes involving fibers are the focus of Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum’s annual event, the Wool Frolic, to be held on September 16 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  At the event, the museum offers interactive demonstrations in flax breaking, spinning, and weaving, as well as lessons in knit and crochet.  In addition, the event features vendors and the popular sale of donated yarns, books, and fiber arts tools.

“The Wool Frolic is a great hands-on event geared towards families,” said Cindy Kirby-Reedy, coordinator of the event.  “Our visitors love the opportunity to try spinning and weaving as they gain a whole new appreciation for the textiles they use every day.”

The first things to see are the fibers.  Sheep and angora wool can go from animal to spinning wheel, but flax must be broken before it can be spun.  This breaking process is arduous, but yields a nice, long fiber that is highly durable.  Once the fibers are obtained, most are spun into various sized threads.  Wool for felting, however, is not and visitors can see this process as well.  The spun yarn can then be plied, which involves twisting two or more threads together to make a stronger thread or yarn.  Beyond this step, visitors can see natural dye or weaving demonstrations. 

The whole process is inspiring and the museum offers knitting and crocheting lessons for all ages to satisfy a further desire to learn.  Visitors are also invited to peruse the myriad colors and types of donated yarns available at the yarn sale, all for great prices.  Vendors of hand-spun yarns and other sheep and goat products will round out the event.

Regular admission rates apply to this event.  The museum encourages families to bring their lunches to enjoy in the picnic grove or to purchase snacks at the Landis Valley Museum Store.  Admission and all proceeds benefit the museum.

More information on the Wool Frolic and other Landis Valley events can be found on the museum’s website, or by calling (717) 569-0401.

Situated on 100 acres in Lancaster, PA, Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum is a living history crossroads village that collects, preserves and interprets the history and material culture of the Pennsylvania German community from 1740 to 1940. The museum is administered by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission with the active support of the Landis Valley Associates (a registered charitable organization).


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