Basic Information

Rental Information at Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum

A safe and private environment is provided for your function.  If the event is held during regular operating hours, then only the area being used will be private.  (Only Corporate Events can be held during daytime hours)

The following are included in your rental fees:

  • 280 space parking lot (usually exclusive use, there could be another wedding taking place in a different area)
  • Restrooms located closest to your rental building
  • Daytime and evening attendant provided during your function
  • Water/Electric/Heat/Air conditioning (where applicable, no A/C in the Yellow Barn)
  • Exterior lighting
  • Staff coordination of table and chair rental, tent rental, and other rental items you may require.
  • Room setups and coordination by Landis Valley staff (minimum table & chair set-up fee)

In addition:

  • A changing room for the bridal party if ceremony is on site
  • Rehearsal time and space (may be different from actual ceremony location)

Optional for an additional fee:

  • Horse-drawn carriage ride
  • Candle watcher for Yellow Barn

You may select your own caterer and alcoholic beverages are permitted after 5 p.m.

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Historic Program Options/Carriage Rides

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Policies and Procedures

Caterer Contract

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Site Map and Directions

Corporate Picnics, Events and Family Reunions

Rain Plan

In the event it rains and you are planning on having your ceremony outside you have several options:

  • Move the ceremony inside the reception area
  • Rent the Firehouse building for the ceremony, if available, at a greatly reduced fee
  • Rent a tent to cover the ceremony area

Certificate of Insurance (Required!)

All facility rentals require a Certificate of Insurance be sent to Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum to cover your event for that day.  The Certificate of Insurance must be in the amount of $1,000,000 and list certificate holders as such:  First insured:  Landis Valley Associates; Second insured:   the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC).  You may obtain this from your homeowners insurance as a rider.  Additional Host or Spirited Liquor Coverage is also needed when spirituous ("hard") liquors are to be served.  Landis Valley Associates reserves the right to refuse the serving of hard liquor if Host or Spirited liquor coverage is not obtained.  Any caterers used must provide Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum with a copy of their Certificate of Insurance for the same amount of coverage.  Certificates of Insurance must be received at least 45 days in advance from both parties.

You may acquire this insurance coverage through your, or your parents', homeowner's insurance.  If you do not have homeowner's insurance or your company does not provide special event/wedding insurance, you can contact one of the companies listed below:

WebSafe Wedding Insurance - (877) 723-3933

Protect My wedding (Travelers Insurance) - (888) 342-5977 -

Wed Sure - (800) 364-2433

Markel Corp. - (800) 236-4252 -

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